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Writing is a very fun activity. in writing, we can express ideas better and more structured even words can express our heart through a paper or book a private life. Since we've been sitting in a school taught how to make paper. It's to keep us motivated and have a desire to start writing anything and put out our ideas. For people who want to pursue the world of writing is often a part of the problem is the difficulty of making articles quickly, sometimes - sometimes deadlock idea. I also previously when first making their own article, it took 1 hour to complete one article, but now only need about 15 minutes to write 1 article of about 300 words. So what are the tips? refer to the discussion below:

Here's How to write articles quickly:

1. Write that you control
To be able to write quickly, then write the very thing you're good at. For ye are easier to string words - words rather than writing it - it is very taboo for you, let alone write about things you do not understand. If you master the automobile, the automobile rather than impose menulislah about to write about sports.

2. Write an idea - an idea first
If you've wanted to start writing, then start by making the main points of your article. It is intended that your writing is more focused and easy to understand the readers, if you do not make an idea - an idea anyway beforehand, could even end up writing so you do not match what you expect.

3. Expand reference
One friend once said, to be a writer should voracious reading. With a lot of reading then you will be more abundant insight, so no longer need to write what later thinkers. The more references you on a topic, the more fluent you also write.

4. Practice
It takes practice to be good at, as well as write, the more you write the more trained you well in writing.


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