Secret Mysteries Soekarno Gold Bars

Perhaps not many know that there is an agreement made all important first President of Indonesia Ir Soekarno and the 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is said that the shooting of John F Kennedy in November 1963 which makes it tragically died due to sign the agreement.

'It is said also the overthrow of Ir Soekarno presidency mandatory U.S. intelligence network sponsored conspiracy Jewish (Zionist) who do not want the U.S. bankrupt and destroyed because they must abide by the agreement also not willing to see the RI became stronger economically in addition to natural resources, capital growing economic strength to support RI. other than that there are some other goals that must be carried out in accordance International Zionist agenda. I try to write the following search results in 1994 s / d in 1998, continued in 2006 s / d 2010, plus information from several sources. But please bear in mind, let's just say this is not a mere insight enhancer '.

The treaty commonly referred to as one of the 'Fund Revolution', or 'Treasure Amanah Indonesian nation', or even 'Endowment Fund of Mankind'. Since the time of President Soeharto to President Megawati quite keen to trace the whereabouts in an effort to dilute it.

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Geneva Agreement is made and signed on 21 November 1963 at Hotel Hilton Geneva by U.S. President John F Kennedy (a few days before he was killed) and Ir President Sukarno with the Swiss state witness William Vouker figures. This agreement follows the MoU between Indonesia and the United States three years earlier. Important point that agreement; U.S. government (as the first) recognizes the existence of 50 percent pure gold bullion owned by RI, as many as 57 150 tons in packaging 17 gold package and the government of Indonesia (as part II) received the gold bullion in the form of collateral usage dollar rent designated U.S. financial development.

In another important point in the agreement document, contained a clause that includes breakdown; upon the use of collateral the U.S. government must pay a fee of 2.5 percent per year as rent to Indonesia, maturing into force since 21 November 1965 (two years after the agreement) . Special accounts will be made to accommodate the asset disbursement fee. That is, although the points in the agreement without including the reversion clause, but there is recognition of the status of items that are koloteral the lease (leasing). Fee specified in the agreement of 2.5 percent per year for anyone or any country for that use.

Cost of lease payments is 2.5 percent collateral paid to a special account in the name of The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) which funds may only be carried out by the Bung Karno himself the blessing of the Vatican Pope. Being the implementation of the operations carried Swiss Government through the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The agreement is effective within the next two years since the signing of the agreement, on 21 November 1965.

But those who reject the policy of John F. Kennedy signed the treaty, especially the handful of Zionist groups were very influential in the U.S. was determined to destroy the lives and political careers of at least two heads of state signing the agreement before entering mature on 21 November 2965 with the objective of capturing The HEF account the significant financial control of the world banking .

The first target, 'completed' as the first party payer, which makes super-powerful conspiracy ending shot dead by U.S. President JF Kennedy and succeed. Dead one person signing the agreement, still another as a target for a second, namely Ir Soekarno. International Zionist stooge group that opposed the deal since the beginning of the agreement and incite lobbying the CIA and State Department to infiltrate the army which eventually culminated in the events of the G-30 followed by 'detention' Sukarno 'by the Suharto regime. Apesnya again, Sukarno never got around to mandating the use of collateral disbursement fee to anyone that the U.S. too!! Until he was four years later real late in the status of political prisoners.

While the near Bung Karno and his followers imprisoned without trial by the G-30 involved allegations by the Suharto regime. They were forced to reveal the perjanian process and how to get the ancestral property outside the country. But this vile business is never successful.
Matters Agreement

Piece important sentence in the agreement => "Considering this statement, which was written in Novemver andsigned, 21th in 1963 while the new certificate was valid in 1965 all the ownership, then the following total volumes were justobtained." Agreement in black and white-headed Garuda symbol inked letters of gold on the top and stamped 'The President of the United State of America' and 'Switzerland of Suisse'.

To the U.S. alone, The Green Hilton Agreement Agreement is an agreement dumbest U.S. government. Because of the agreement, the U.S. recognizes the gold assets of Indonesia. The history of 350 years began when the Dutch controlled most of Javanese and Indonesian. When the kings and nobles, especially the pro or 'subject' to the Dutch prefer to keep their wealth in gold bullion in the form of a central bank in the Royal Netherlands East Indies, The Javache Bank (forerunner of Bank Indonesia). But secretly Javasche bankers The Bank (on the instructions of his government) bring the entire gold bullion owned by the client (the kings and nobles of the archipelago) to the country in the Netherlands there on the pretext of security will be maintained if kept in the center of the kingdom of the Netherlands as the customer question it after a day later caught.

Various monetary authorities and the Monetarist, assessing the agreement as a foundation of economic collateral banking world until now. There is a special view of economists, the U.S. can be a rich country because of guaranteed wealth 'Indonesian people', ie 57 150 tons of pure gold owned by the king in this archipelago. This gave rise to the view that the opinion of the United States does owe a lot to Indonesia, because the property was not the U.S. government has not had a country and Indonesia, but the treasure of kings of Indonesia.

Time goes by, and then erupted World War II in the European Theater, where at that time the kingdom of Netherlands Nazi German troops annexed. Military Hitler and his Nazi SS troops bring the whole assets of the Netherlands to Germany. Unfortunately, all the treasures of the king's mistress in the archipelago that are stored in the central bank brought to the Netherlands join Germany.

European Theater of World War II ended with Germany's defeat at the hands of US-led Allied forces. By U.S. forces loot all of Adolf Hitler's Nazi SS all transported to the U.S. mainland, with no possessions except the kings and nobles in the archipelago were previously stored at the Dutch central bank. So with the capital assets, re-establish America The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are almost bankrupt because of the impact of World War II, by the 'government' The FED is targeted to spearhead the U.S. capitalist system in the control of the world economy.

Later news 'looting' of gold bullion by U.S. forces to rebuild the capital of the U.S. economy that had collapsed during World War II was heard also by Ir Soekarno as the first President of Indonesia who immediately responded by diplomatic secret pathway to gain back the treasure by sending Dr Subandrio , Chaerul pious and Joseph Young in the back even though the chances of getting the right as the property owner is very small. The U.S. and some Allied countries while it has always been argued that World War in the category of Force Majeur, which means there is no repayment obligations of such property by the victors.

But with the power of diplomacy Bung Karno finally convinced the U.S. and Europe when assets are acquired Allied wealth comes from Indonesia and the Indonesian people belong. Bung Karno thrusting facts which ensures the heirs of customers The Bank Javache as the property owner is still alive!!

Well, one of the clauses in the agreement are The Green Hilton Agreement was split half half (50% & 50%) between the RI and the US-allied with 'recent bonus' free satellite Palapa shared by the U.S. to RI. That is, 50 per cent (52 150 tonnes of pure gold) used as collateral to build the U.S. economy and some European countries that recently devastated beaten Nazi Germany, were 50 percent longer be used as collateral for anyone and allow any country to use the property on a lease ( leasing) for 41 years with a rental fee of 2.5 percent per year payable to RI via Ir.Soekarno. Why only 2.5 percent? Because Bun Karno want to apply the rules of zakat in Islam.

Payment of the rental fee of 2.5 percent was owed to a special account a / n The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) with instrumentnya are institutions the world financial authorities (IMF, World Bank, The FED and The International Bank of Sattlement / BIS ). If calculated since 21 November 1965, the rent payment due to be paid to the Republic of Indonesia on 21 November 2006. How much? 102.5 percent of the principal amount of the number of 57 150 tons of pure gold pure gold ton + 1428.75 = 58578.75 tonnes of pure gold that must be paid out of the funds of collateral owned by the user of the Indonesian people.

In fact, starting on 21 November 2010, the funds are deposited in The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) is not counted value. If the rental cost of 2.5 per year determined the total number of 57 150 tons of gold bullion, then for 45 years X 2.5 percent = 112.5 percent or more of the principal amount was 57 150 tons of gold, which is 64293.75 tonnes of pure gold to be paid U.S. government to RI. If the price of 1 troy once of gold (31.105 grams gold) is currently around 1,500 U.S. dollars, the value of gold as collateral rent it?? Calculate ONLY!!

The account of the existence of HEF, no world financial authority of any agency that can access these special accounts, including tax agencies. Because the very existence secret. Hence, in addition to countries in Europe and the U.S. that utilize the HEF's account, as well as many world-class tycoon 'economic criminals' classroom whales and sharks who left his fortune to the special account to avoid taxes.

Recorded the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Adnan Kasogi, King of Jordan, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Morocco is a noble Turko including people who entrusts his fortune on the special account.

'Ole George Soros assisted the CIA attempted to break into the special account. In fact, according to a reliable source, at the end of 2008, George Soros had sponsored a small army comprised of CIA and MOSSAD conduct undercover investigations to get around on the island of Java in order to get a user account and PIN The HEF is'.

In addition, George Soros aided secret service CIA had tried to break into the special account, but failed. Even the end of 2008, George Soros had sponsored a small army of CIA agents and MOSSAD (Israeli secret service) conduct undercover investigations to get around on the island of Java in order to get a user account and PIN The HEF is included to find out who is mandated Ir Soekarno to account special. Though Ir Soekarno or Bung Karno never give mandate to anyone. means the owner of a single property of the Indonesian people, the Bung Karno himself. Until now!!
International Banking Criminals Make When There's Major Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, CUSIP number (register number the World Bank) the collateral is leaking. Well, CUSIP is then utilized among the world's top bankers are white collar criminals (white collar crime) to issue securities on behalf of the people of Indonesia. Anyway, whoever he is, that person can be made Indonesia Indonesia berpassport securities from UBS, HSBC and other major world banks. Usually consists of 12 pieces, some of which are shaped Proof of Funds, SBLC, Bank Guaranted, and others. Its value was fantastic, above average 500 million U.S. dollars to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

When a document is checked, then the banks will check the habit CUSIP Number. If it goes off, then the document may undergo further processing. Usually banks will provide special officer for the bank's securities Window Time format for just talking among bank chief if the document will be transacted. Appropriate banking procedures, these types of documents can only be guaranteed or made rooling program or a private placement transaction that tempo time up to 10 months with the High Yield between 100 percent s / d 600 percent per year.

Well, that big money can be disbursed only for humanitarian projects. Hence, when the tsunami disaster in Aceh and the earthquake in Yogyakarta, then document this type of fly universal feast bank. Jerk, every Indonesian who is named in the document, still live in poverty blangsak until now. Because it is only a game shark bandit bankers are able to outsmart a way to unfreeze the assets contained in the special account.

On the other hand, they also managed to cheat the bankers form an opinion, where as 'the stress', ter or rather subtle 'obsessed' being asked if there is someone who claims to have a lot of assets, billions of dollars from the Fund or Treasure Amanah Revolution Indonesian nation. This formed the opinion that double-edged sword, one side benefit for the existence of an existing property in the special account not terotak-tweaking, but the other side of the bandit bankers can exploit for personal gain and his accomplice when there is a major natural disaster in the world, such as the Tsunami disaster in Japan recently. But the most dangerous, there is no defense of the people, the country and the Indonesian government when the property is actually there and must be fought to the prosperity of the Indonesian people.

Relation to Piningit Satria, Satria Pinandito Sinisihan Revelation, Ratu Adil

Writers had the sense, when Satria Piningit already perform his function as the leader of a Satria Pinandito Sinisihan Revelation (SPSW) because of sheer love for the Lord GOD. The fear of the Lord with His love with all his heart into his early every step in carrying out the task of bringing the people of the archipelago and humanity toward welfare and prosperity of the essentials. When all of mankind in general and in particular the people of the archipelago are getting welfare and prosperity of the essentials, then he gets the title Messiah.

We also believe, the SPSW are able to regain the people's eternal treasures Nusantara, how was the process. Because leadership is direct guidance owner Lord of Hosts. All property will be handed over to the state that led to run for the welfare and prosperity of all the true owner, the archipelago nation this!!







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