Piece of lessons and stories of Marilyn Monroe

He is a famous American actress and including the most famous in Hollywood. People's opinions about him: "He is a Hollywood star who never dim light, prestige is never extinguished, and never talks about her unbroken."
This famous woman had died since 37 years ago, precisely on August 5 1962M, in a state that is not completely clear.

How a woman's life during life and after death is horrendous and busy world, leaving the world above the waves of fame, glory under lightning, and at the height of adolescence that still continues to be discussed. How is the real life? Is he happy in life? Is fame can meet all your life?

Hopefully the following story about him can be basic and the most valid reference to know the happiness she felt. She told me she grew up in a family under covered by distress and surrounded by sadness. He does not know who his real father. He did not find a mother who loved her. Nor no man ever patted his shoulder as he said the words used to say to a child: "You are so beautiful ..."

He also admitted that the name of the man listed on his birth certificate was one of his mother's lover who may be selected by lottery as a father to a new born child.

Marilyn also said: "After he was severely depressed, the orphanage had been the place of residence. In this home, there are many families who want to adopt him as his son, until he was adopted by an old lady named Ana Laudur. He stayed with the woman until the high school level. Adoptive mother noticed that her son had grown up and more beautiful. The youth of Los Angeles has always followed her wherever she went, until finally she was planning to marry him to a young man named Jim Dougherty, but unfortunately he does not love her and never being happy with him. From this and he began to pursue his career in the world of entertainment (entertainment), which resulted in her husband got jealous and home life eventually ended in divorce. After that, start-known as an actress Marilyn.

Then after that, his popularity continues to soar, triggering reignite the fire of jealousy and envy among the many Marilyn-as said-but he felt not feel the need to put all of it. Marilyn has also said that he wanted to go out to play with people who do not know who he was, but they invited him solely because of the feeling of love.

Marilyn admitted that he did not love the third one from her husband (Jim Dougherty, Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio). He also admitted that the man she loved was an American drama penulisskenario named Arthur Miller. But marriage-as-penuturannya destroy all that loving feeling. Therefore, he decided to split up and divorced him, but remained friends.

Marilyn convinced that the worst experience in her life is when everyone tried to use it, even though his immediate family. The thing to remember also that this phase of a woman's life is a series of interrelated evils. Moreover, he did not ever give service to others.


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