Bayern Munich deserved to enter Final
Final Champions League 2013

fantastic 0-3 defeat at the Camp Nou on Bayern Munich not only dashed hopes Barcelona in the final. Score a landslide victory in the second leg also made the Blaugrana recorded a bad record at once.
Bayern Munich digelontorkan seven goals against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final this season. Giant German was also incised particular note.
After winning 4-0 in the first meeting was last week, Bayern won 3-0 in the second leg on Thursday (05/02/2013) morning earlier. Die Roten also qualified for the finals with a 7-0 aggregate.
Like be listed by official website UEFA, these aggregates are constitute aggregate the biggest in semifinal round along the League history Champions.
Lost 0-4 when playing at the Allianz Arena, Barcelona wajub won with a score of 5-0 to be able to turn things around and qualify for the final. But instead of victory, the Catalans even swallow a crushing defeat other over the giant German.
Arjen Robben goal opened and followed Gerard Pique own goal, Bayern eventually win 3-0 after Thomas Mueller goalkeeper Victor Valdes. The result leaves Barca lost 0-7 in total, a figure that is fairly fantastic as the Catalans are still regarded as one of the best clubs in the world today.
Not only lost and failed to move into the finals. Barca are also forced to bear the shame for score has listed some bad record for them.
- Score 0-3 to the biggest defeat Barcelona in Europe after the November 1997 they were defeated by a score of 0-4 at home to Dinamo Kiev.
- The last time Barcelona failed to make a goal in the two-leg match European level is the 2008 Champions League semi-final to Manchester United. When that Barca lost 0-1 and then just play 0-0 in the second leg.
- The last time Barcelona conceded seven goals in the two-leg matches in European competition was in 1962. Kala it was they lost 2-6 in away games of charge and free play 1-1 when playing in Camp Nou.
- The last time Barcelona lost a match in the two-legged League / Champions Cup was in 1960. Real Madrid face their subject with 1-3 and 1-3.
- In addition to the UEFA Champions League, Barcelona also lost in the second leg of the European competition.
That moment came in 1987 when they defeated Dundee United twice.
- Defeat aggregate seven goals to be the largest in the history of the Champions League semifinals. Aggregate is the biggest previously made a league goal Manchester United over Schalke in the season 2010/2011.

- The defeat of Bayern Barca also ended a great record unbeaten at home in 21 previous matches.
- This is the first time they lost in the two-leg European competition by a margin of seven goals.
Bayern will face fellow team Germany, Borussia Dortmund, in the final at Wembley, London, May 25, 2013.


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