Of the World Labor Day in Jakarta, Indonesian Country

Jakarta - Of the World Labor Day (May 1, 2013) carried out right today and how labor actions that occurred in the State of Indonesia, let's look at how action.,+Inilah+Rute+Pengalihan+Arus+Hari+Ini.jpg

They are based on Jl Sudirman - Jl MH Thamrin certainly witnessed this scene: rows of buses working in the slow lane being go hand in hand. Being in the fast lane, there is a row of workers who were on foot / long march.

Among those watching the motorcade superpanjang it is Endaryono with offices in The Plaza Office Tower 35th floor, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (01/05/2013). "Rows of buses meet the protestors look Jl Thamrin," he told AFP.

Wadirlantas AKBP Sambodo Purnomo estimate buses running 3-4 miles in length. The buses are not yet prepared to pocket park police.

"Now there are buses that have not been parked in the parking pockets. Starting from Benhil until the roundabout. Approximately 3-4 miles. Was 4 lanes full of empty buses, which will go into the pockets of parking. They hampered because the mass is concentrated at the roundabout, long march to the Palace. yet again that ride motorcycles, there are thousands, "he said when met at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jl Sudirman.

While the bus is already in the bag in the bus parking lot is 1,000 Monas and 200 units in the East Parking.

After time this afternoon to commemorate Labor Day mass action disperse demonstrators second wave appears near Soekarno-Hatta airport. National Union Confederation (KSN) tried to approach the gate of the airport.

The mass of the second wave arrived at Jalan Suryadhama, Neglasari, Tangerang, around 14:00 pm, Wednesday (05/01/2013) or closed to within 20 minutes of the first mass disband. KSN masses continue to lobby Tangerang Police Commissioner Widada Revelation in order to approach the door 1 Airport.

"We're tired of demonstrations in front of the Presidential Palace, the Parliament and the Ministry of Manpower. Airport has state then has the people, too," said the orator of KSN.

KSN mass dressed in dominant red color continues to yell and attempt to approach Doors 1 Airport. But they were blocked by police barricades lined. Two cars barracuda and water cannon, and dozens of cars dirt bike ready to dispel the crowd if the anarchists.

During the action they demanded the removal of the main agenda of outsourcing. This action makes its way back from Tangerang to the airport was closed again. And vice versa.


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