Big 5 Instant Noodles Best in the World in 2013!

Instant noodles a favorite food in the whole world. Taste delicious and practical nature makes instant noodles are very popular. Asian countries have a variety of instant noodles with the brand and flavor.
some brands survive and some brand new entry into the list of the best instant noodles

1. Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian From Singapore

The instant noodle contains noodles that have been boiled mentahan complete with powdered spices and coconut laksa abundant. Materials noodle broth with a blend of high quality luxury make this noodle was very tasty.

2. Prima Taste Singapore Curry La Mian from Singapore

instant noodle comes with excellent quality noodles. You'll find coconut powder and curry paste in the package. The noodles taste so simple, yet so perfect!

3. Indomie Mi Instan Mi Goreng Rendang from Indonesia

Spicy flavors that fit and make a thick curry flavor instant noodles is so delicious. The texture of the noodles was very good.

4. Nongshim Jinjja Jinjja Flamin Hot and Nutty Noodle Soup From Amerika

There is an additional black sesame and pork flavors blend to make a unique quality of instant noodles is very good so the noodles are very famous in South Korea and also in America.

5. Indomie Curly Noodle with Grilled Chicken Flavour Special Quality Instant Noodles from Indonesia

Flat noodle texture was very tasty. Marinade sweet, spicy, and perfect one if Indomie noodles to package this in a special edition

Want to be a writer here's how

Writing is a very fun activity. in writing, we can express ideas better and more structured even words can express our heart through a paper or book a private life. Since we've been sitting in a school taught how to make paper. It's to keep us motivated and have a desire to start writing anything and put out our ideas. For people who want to pursue the world of writing is often a part of the problem is the difficulty of making articles quickly, sometimes - sometimes deadlock idea. I also previously when first making their own article, it took 1 hour to complete one article, but now only need about 15 minutes to write 1 article of about 300 words. So what are the tips? refer to the discussion below:

Here's How to write articles quickly:

1. Write that you control
To be able to write quickly, then write the very thing you're good at. For ye are easier to string words - words rather than writing it - it is very taboo for you, let alone write about things you do not understand. If you master the automobile, the automobile rather than impose menulislah about to write about sports.

2. Write an idea - an idea first
If you've wanted to start writing, then start by making the main points of your article. It is intended that your writing is more focused and easy to understand the readers, if you do not make an idea - an idea anyway beforehand, could even end up writing so you do not match what you expect.

3. Expand reference
One friend once said, to be a writer should voracious reading. With a lot of reading then you will be more abundant insight, so no longer need to write what later thinkers. The more references you on a topic, the more fluent you also write.

4. Practice
It takes practice to be good at, as well as write, the more you write the more trained you well in writing.

Songwriter Batak tribe in the country with Indonesia

If you see Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra Indonesia with the country is the biggest tribe "Batak". you must like it very much in terms of history and hospitality of the locals hospitality.

But do you know the creator of the national song One Nation or One Nusa Youth Build Young women or country Indonesia? maybe we've heard it at a time when the school but did not pay much attention to who the creator of the song ... let's get to know the creators of the songs below, they are Bangso Batak .. ya .. Anak ni king i ...

1. Liberty Manik
Liberty Manik (1924-1993)

Liberty Manik that we always know with L. Manik was born 1924 in Sidikalang, North Sumatra.

He is a Doctor of Music from Germany, he who could do anything, such as violinist, singer, RRI Yogyakarta radio broadcaster, author, magazine journalist, and the latter as a songwriter One Nusa One Nation. This song was created by Manik after he saw his own spirit of the people's struggle to defend the independence of Indonesia.

One Nusa One Nation was first played on radio in 1947, when the first Dutch aggression. He finally got the gift of Paramadharma Culture in 2007. And he died in 1993, in the age of 69 years.

2. Cornel Simanjuntak
Cornel Simanjuntak (1921-1946)

Do you know the song, titled Fearless Forward? The song was apparently made by Cornel Simanjutak. Previously, this song originally titled Maju Putra-Putri Indonesia.

Cornel Simanjuntak born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra in 1921 came from a retired police had been a teacher in Manila and Jakarta and then moved to the office of the Japanese culture.

When the revolution in 1945, it changed its title song and also his verse to better hear a burning passion. It turns out the song Fearless Forward this failed to spark psychology Front Army fighters Student Yogyakarta. Lyrics in it is very fitting to the conditions at the time, where there is a resistance that is done with sophisticated tools.

He died in 1946 aged 25 years due to chronic disease tuberculosis. Time joined the battle against the Dutch in Cameron Highlands, Jakarta.

3. Pasaribu Amir (Amir Hamzah Pasaribu)
Amir Pasaribu (1915-2010)

Andika Bhayangkari song created by A.H. Pasaribu who was born on May 21, 1915 at Siborong-borong Tapanuli north.

After independence in 1954-1957 he served as director of the School of Music of Indonesia (SMINDO) Yogyakarta and in 1957-1968 he was appointed Head of B1-course majoring in Sound Art, Institute of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education danKebudayaan which later increased to Teachers' Training College-UI (Institute of Teaching and Science Education University of Indonesia - is now the State University of Jakarta, Rawangun, Jakarta.

Amir Pasaribu Parama Dharma Cultural Stars awarded in 2002 by President Megawati Sukarnoputri. And he passed away at the age of 94 years in Medan, North Sumatra on 10 February 2010.

4. Alfred Simanjuntak (93 years)
Alfred Simanjuntak

National anthem Youth Build Young women (aged 23 years old when he invented it) and Indonesia Unite was created by DR. Simanjuntak Alfred was born on 8 September 1920 in northern Tapanuli, educated at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Leidse Universiteit, Leiden, Stedelijke Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1954-1962 school year angina windmill this country for 6 years.

He is the founder of the Church Music (1967) and has experience as a teacher and also served in communications / publishing.

He is also friends with Liberty Manik (who created the song One Nusa One Nation) and Cornelis Simanjuntak (who created the song On Heroes) sehinggal hallmark songs they created together.

He has now become ompung (grandfather) of 11 grandchildren who were born of four children, namely Aida, Toga, Dorothea, and John. Now living in Jakarta and daily activities still continue in the field of music.

5. Notier Simanungkalit (nicknamed "Mr. Choir")
Notier Simanungkalit (1929-2012)

Debris national song and SKJ (Physical Freshness Gymnastics) Gymnastics Morning Indonesia in 1984, was created by Notier Simanungkalit born on December 17, 1929 in the city Tarutung, northern Sumatra, finish school at the University of Gajah Mada Faculty of pedagogy. He studied music by himself.

He is one of the world's 11 musicians appointed to the Board of Voter IMC (Selection Committee) International Student Choir Festival in New York in 1972 and invited to lunch by President USA Mr.. Richard Nixon and First Lady at the White House Washington DC.

He Died March 9th 2012 aged 82 years.

6. Sanusi Pane
Sanusi Pane (1905-1968)

Fatherland national song created by Sanusi Pane was born on 14 November 1905 in Muara Sipongi, Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. He is a New Poet Laureate Indonesian forces who published many of his works between 1920 to the 1940s.

He died in Jakarta, January 2, 1968 at the age of 62 years.

7. Binsar Sitompul

Song lyriknya national unity created by Binsar Sitompul (1923-1991) and his verse with A. Talib, binsar Sitompul learn violin and music theory at the time of the Japanese.

Memories DR. Alfred Simanjuntak tells the story of his friendship with the three great composers: Cornelis Simanjuntak, Liberty Manik, and Binsar Sitompul.

Knit friendship when Alfred came four Catholic schools in Muntilan, to take the exam. "Cornelis school there," said Alfred.

Since the initial meeting with Cornelis, Alfred immediately admired. Therefore, the friend has a very nice voice. "Sounds great Cornel. High tenor, but without a microphone, really like Italian tenor, "said Alfred in Tempo, 17 November 2002, titled Hayat During Conception Agency.

Although the four still in junior high school, they are taught piece orchestra, Handel's Messiah. Under the direction of R. Sudjasmin, later became the conductor of the Palace, they played Mozart, Verdi, and Beethoven.

8. E.L. Pohan (Epaphroditus Laurentius Pohan-Siahaan)

Homeland national anthem Indonesia and Indonesian Civil Servants Corps Mars (KORPRI) created by EL Pohan.

The difference Tuberculosis in Children and Adults

Cause of tuberculosis (TB) often affects the health of the child and even an adult small though.
Here let us consider whether the same and whether it has any difference Tuberculosis (TB) in children and Adults.

Even if the cause of tuberculosis (TB) in children and adults alike, the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but in fact the symptoms of TB and the different mechanisms on both. That's why it takes special handling for cases of TB in children.

Specialist child of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) dr. Wahyuni ​​Indawati, Sp.A said, the handling of TB in children are different from adults, especially the identification of symptoms, examination, and diagnosis.

Identify the symptoms need to be distinguished because the symptoms of TB in children is not the same as adults. "Symptoms of TB in children is not unique and can be caused by other diseases," said Wahyu in Media Seminar titled "Tuberculosis in Children and the Value of Vaccination" held by the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) some time ago.

But parents need to suspect child infected with TB bacteria if the child has a fever longer than two weeks, the cough of more than three weeks, the child lethargic and not as active as usual, down appetite, weight does not go up for two months, comes in contact with adult pulmonary TB patients, and a palpable lump in the neck.

Wahyuni ​​explained, when a child is infected with the TB bacteria, it will not necessarily straight down with the illness. When the child's immune system is strong, the TB bacteria will be "inactive" for many months or even years. When child's immune system weakens, then the symptoms of TB disease.

After knowing the symptoms, said Wahyu, parents need to do a TB in children. To improve diagnosis, TB examination child was different with adults. TB in adults usually with sputum examination. However in children, sputum examination will usually give rise to false negative results. In addition to child TB is rarely accompanied by cough, sputum TB bacteria in children is also too little.

Examination of childhood TB is done in two ways, namely tuberculin test and chest X-rays. Tuberculin test is the main examination with TB bacteria inject proteins under the skin to assess the body's response to bacteria. "If positive then it means that the body previously been exposed to the TB bacteria that cause a reaction," said Wahyu.

While chest x-rays performed to assess the presence of abnormalities in the lung. Chest X-ray examination can help diagnosis but can not be used as the only means of diagnosis. When the results are considered incomplete, sputum examination can also be performed.

"Diagnosis of childhood TB is not as easy as adult TB diagnosis. Then need to do some checks to make a proper diagnosis," said Secretary of Public Relations and Member Welfare IDAI this.

TB misdiagnosis in children will lead to the wrong treatment. Though TB ​​treatment takes a long time, which is about 6 to 12 months. "Losses treatment financing is the main disadvantage of TB misdiagnosis children," said Wahyu.

Keep your health starts from yourself.

How to Protect Fluoride Dental Work

Teeth clean is dampaan we all must. But what if our own teeth are not nursed, so dismissive of our own dental care.

Often we hear the fluoride content in all dental and oral care products, ranging from toothpaste to mouthwash. But actually how it works in substance fluoride protects teeth?

Research about the fluoride from the beginning to the end of the 20th century stated, fluoride plays a role in the process of re-mineralization of enamel coating on teeth. This makes the enamel stronger and resistant to decay caused by acid from bacteria. As already known, the bacteria will secrete acids that cause tooth loss.

Meanwhile, a new study indicates that fluoride does not go as deep into the enamel that for decades researchers know. It then raises questions for researchers, how exactly fluoride works to protect teeth from the risk of loss.

A recent study by scientists at German universities with the institute of microbiology and experimental physics department of Saarland University showed that fluoride actually prevents the ability of bacteria to attach to the teeth.

While not brushing your teeth, the formation of a layer of film on the teeth. This raises the plaque layer that consists of millions of bacteria. The bacteria then produce acids that cause cavities.

In a study published in the journal Langmuir, the researchers used artificial teeth to be brushed and cleaned more easily. They want to know how fluoride works to inhibit the ability of bacteria to attach to the outer layer of the teeth.

They carried out tests on this theory using three types of bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus oralis, and Staphylococcus carnosus. The third of these bacteria are known as the bacteria that cause tooth loss.

"What's interesting is apparently fluoride can weaken the ability of bacteria to adhere to teeth in general," explained the researchers.

Fluoride is a chemical compound that is recommended for oral health in the middle of the last century. Fluoride helps millions of people in the world in reducing the risk of tooth loss so beneficial to health.

Prevent cavities and tooth started Let's keep from ourselves.

Clear thinking for Financial Problems at Pre-Marriage

Money, things that everyone needs. Many couples are reluctant to talk about money before marriage by reason of taboo and sensitive. In fact, many households messy messy because financial management between one and the other.

There was a survey done showed that more than 65 percent of people consider honesty and transparency in financial matters partner is important. Therefore, it is important to discuss all things about money before you get married. Not only is the wedding expenses, but also a longer life hereafter. You and he will live with, so that money can no longer matters 'as I please'.

1. If you and your spouse both work, tell each other how much income each. Tell also about the financial habits, whether you can save money, often 'crazy' and stuck any discounts or your habits, just say it. This will make you and your partner to remind each other.

If you can save money while couples often buy unnecessary items, necessary supervision that does not run out of money for it is not important. Equate way of thinking and views about the money necessary for you and your partner do not blame or suspicion regarding finances after marriage.

2. You and your partner should both know how the current financial conditions, whether the individual has dependents or not. Do you have to pay for their school expenses? Did he help his parents house installment installment? Does he become the backbone of the family? Discuss this with your wise so no hard feelings if the partner is always giving the money to the family. Helping families is good, but do not let this hinder or burden your future with him.

Likewise, if you and he have debts, open and honest in this regard. Who knew he still had a motor vehicle installment loans, or other debts due to an emergency, such as health care finance his parents. Until when the debt will be paid. If you have not paid to get married, whether he is going to pay full or both. Do not let this be the burden of the debt issue or the media to blame after you get married.

3.You and he lives with, the future together, so that the financial affairs should also be shared. If you and your spouse have a total income and earnings count for the records to see where the money went in a month. So there will be no parties blaming one party is too wasteful. You and your partner will definitely want to buy their own home or vehicle alone, so for the allocation of funds, which is to pay off the monthly requirement, expenditure, savings and reserve funds.

Whether I should have a husband and her own savings? As long as you and he agrees, it is okay. But remember, preferred savings along. Do not let your burdensome personal savings so the savings along neglected and chaotic. Use personal savings just to buy the things you really want.

4. Whether after marriage there will be life safety insurance, health insurance or the like? Not all offices providing these benefits, so you and your partner have planned it. Including how savings every month. Whether to follow a particular investment? For example, gold investments, property and so on. If you currently follow a particular investment, do not forget to tell your partner.

To be sure, always be honest and open about finances, especially after marriage. When you give money to parents or family, make sure the husband knows, and vice versa. "Remember, you and he had tied himself, so the slightest financial problem, and should be discussed openly.

Bayern Munich deserved to enter Final
Final Champions League 2013

fantastic 0-3 defeat at the Camp Nou on Bayern Munich not only dashed hopes Barcelona in the final. Score a landslide victory in the second leg also made the Blaugrana recorded a bad record at once.
Bayern Munich digelontorkan seven goals against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final this season. Giant German was also incised particular note.
After winning 4-0 in the first meeting was last week, Bayern won 3-0 in the second leg on Thursday (05/02/2013) morning earlier. Die Roten also qualified for the finals with a 7-0 aggregate.
Like be listed by official website UEFA, these aggregates are constitute aggregate the biggest in semifinal round along the League history Champions.
Lost 0-4 when playing at the Allianz Arena, Barcelona wajub won with a score of 5-0 to be able to turn things around and qualify for the final. But instead of victory, the Catalans even swallow a crushing defeat other over the giant German.
Arjen Robben goal opened and followed Gerard Pique own goal, Bayern eventually win 3-0 after Thomas Mueller goalkeeper Victor Valdes. The result leaves Barca lost 0-7 in total, a figure that is fairly fantastic as the Catalans are still regarded as one of the best clubs in the world today.
Not only lost and failed to move into the finals. Barca are also forced to bear the shame for score has listed some bad record for them.
- Score 0-3 to the biggest defeat Barcelona in Europe after the November 1997 they were defeated by a score of 0-4 at home to Dinamo Kiev.
- The last time Barcelona failed to make a goal in the two-leg match European level is the 2008 Champions League semi-final to Manchester United. When that Barca lost 0-1 and then just play 0-0 in the second leg.
- The last time Barcelona conceded seven goals in the two-leg matches in European competition was in 1962. Kala it was they lost 2-6 in away games of charge and free play 1-1 when playing in Camp Nou.
- The last time Barcelona lost a match in the two-legged League / Champions Cup was in 1960. Real Madrid face their subject with 1-3 and 1-3.
- In addition to the UEFA Champions League, Barcelona also lost in the second leg of the European competition.
That moment came in 1987 when they defeated Dundee United twice.
- Defeat aggregate seven goals to be the largest in the history of the Champions League semifinals. Aggregate is the biggest previously made a league goal Manchester United over Schalke in the season 2010/2011.

- The defeat of Bayern Barca also ended a great record unbeaten at home in 21 previous matches.
- This is the first time they lost in the two-leg European competition by a margin of seven goals.
Bayern will face fellow team Germany, Borussia Dortmund, in the final at Wembley, London, May 25, 2013.

Piece of lessons and stories of Marilyn Monroe

He is a famous American actress and including the most famous in Hollywood. People's opinions about him: "He is a Hollywood star who never dim light, prestige is never extinguished, and never talks about her unbroken."
This famous woman had died since 37 years ago, precisely on August 5 1962M, in a state that is not completely clear.

How a woman's life during life and after death is horrendous and busy world, leaving the world above the waves of fame, glory under lightning, and at the height of adolescence that still continues to be discussed. How is the real life? Is he happy in life? Is fame can meet all your life?

Hopefully the following story about him can be basic and the most valid reference to know the happiness she felt. She told me she grew up in a family under covered by distress and surrounded by sadness. He does not know who his real father. He did not find a mother who loved her. Nor no man ever patted his shoulder as he said the words used to say to a child: "You are so beautiful ..."

He also admitted that the name of the man listed on his birth certificate was one of his mother's lover who may be selected by lottery as a father to a new born child.

Marilyn also said: "After he was severely depressed, the orphanage had been the place of residence. In this home, there are many families who want to adopt him as his son, until he was adopted by an old lady named Ana Laudur. He stayed with the woman until the high school level. Adoptive mother noticed that her son had grown up and more beautiful. The youth of Los Angeles has always followed her wherever she went, until finally she was planning to marry him to a young man named Jim Dougherty, but unfortunately he does not love her and never being happy with him. From this and he began to pursue his career in the world of entertainment (entertainment), which resulted in her husband got jealous and home life eventually ended in divorce. After that, start-known as an actress Marilyn.

Then after that, his popularity continues to soar, triggering reignite the fire of jealousy and envy among the many Marilyn-as said-but he felt not feel the need to put all of it. Marilyn has also said that he wanted to go out to play with people who do not know who he was, but they invited him solely because of the feeling of love.

Marilyn admitted that he did not love the third one from her husband (Jim Dougherty, Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio). He also admitted that the man she loved was an American drama penulisskenario named Arthur Miller. But marriage-as-penuturannya destroy all that loving feeling. Therefore, he decided to split up and divorced him, but remained friends.

Marilyn convinced that the worst experience in her life is when everyone tried to use it, even though his immediate family. The thing to remember also that this phase of a woman's life is a series of interrelated evils. Moreover, he did not ever give service to others.

Indonesian President (SBY) on Labor Day went out of Jakarta

Jakarta - Labor Day of the World carried out right today. But do you know the President of the Republic of Indonesia (SBY) as laborers flock to Istana Merdeka.

President of the Republic of Indonesia

In the speech outside the capital, the President said "In principle, the president conveyed to the relevant minister, and PP perpres if found contrary to law, do not be shy-Mulu revised. Therefore be discussed again be revised provisions that are contrary to law. We say, there should be no discrimination between participants who have not BPJS health and non-health BPJS, "he explained.

Related to low wages, the workers expressed that component decent living needs (KHL) increased from 60 items to 84 items KHL. They also requested the suspension of the minimum wage do not exist, the rule that no minister of labor regulations number 231/2003.

After delivering the speech, SBY eat rice box with a thousand workers.
Precisely SBY visited and spoke to PT Maspion I in Aloha, Gedangan, Sidoarjo in East Java and PT Unilever to review in the area of ​​the factory and see the process of the product.

Of the World Labor Day in Jakarta, Indonesian Country

Jakarta - Of the World Labor Day (May 1, 2013) carried out right today and how labor actions that occurred in the State of Indonesia, let's look at how action.,+Inilah+Rute+Pengalihan+Arus+Hari+Ini.jpg

They are based on Jl Sudirman - Jl MH Thamrin certainly witnessed this scene: rows of buses working in the slow lane being go hand in hand. Being in the fast lane, there is a row of workers who were on foot / long march.

Among those watching the motorcade superpanjang it is Endaryono with offices in The Plaza Office Tower 35th floor, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (01/05/2013). "Rows of buses meet the protestors look Jl Thamrin," he told AFP.

Wadirlantas AKBP Sambodo Purnomo estimate buses running 3-4 miles in length. The buses are not yet prepared to pocket park police.

"Now there are buses that have not been parked in the parking pockets. Starting from Benhil until the roundabout. Approximately 3-4 miles. Was 4 lanes full of empty buses, which will go into the pockets of parking. They hampered because the mass is concentrated at the roundabout, long march to the Palace. yet again that ride motorcycles, there are thousands, "he said when met at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jl Sudirman.

While the bus is already in the bag in the bus parking lot is 1,000 Monas and 200 units in the East Parking.

After time this afternoon to commemorate Labor Day mass action disperse demonstrators second wave appears near Soekarno-Hatta airport. National Union Confederation (KSN) tried to approach the gate of the airport.

The mass of the second wave arrived at Jalan Suryadhama, Neglasari, Tangerang, around 14:00 pm, Wednesday (05/01/2013) or closed to within 20 minutes of the first mass disband. KSN masses continue to lobby Tangerang Police Commissioner Widada Revelation in order to approach the door 1 Airport.

"We're tired of demonstrations in front of the Presidential Palace, the Parliament and the Ministry of Manpower. Airport has state then has the people, too," said the orator of KSN.

KSN mass dressed in dominant red color continues to yell and attempt to approach Doors 1 Airport. But they were blocked by police barricades lined. Two cars barracuda and water cannon, and dozens of cars dirt bike ready to dispel the crowd if the anarchists.

During the action they demanded the removal of the main agenda of outsourcing. This action makes its way back from Tangerang to the airport was closed again. And vice versa.

Champions League Real Madrid Vs Dortmund 2-0

Madrid - Robert Lewandowski Borussia Dortmund win to be a star in the Champions League semi-final first leg at the Signal Iduna Park on Thursday (04/25/2013) pm dawn. Four goals that drove the creation of Die Borussen 4-1 win over Real Madrid.

Real Madrid finally got knocked out of the Champions League title, after the second leg on Wednesday (1/5) morning only his 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund secured their appearing in the Champions League final despite losing to Real Madrid. The second leg semifinal match this morning had made ​​Die Borussen officials excited.

At the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (05/01/2013) pm dawn, Dortmund lost 0-2 to Real Madrid. Goals win Madrid packaged by Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema.

Dortmund is the first leg of the match with the final score 4-1, still qualify for the finals which will be held at Wembley on 25 May because the 4-3 aggregate win.

Dortmund look depressed until the end of the game, the club Chairmain, Hans-Joachim Watzke, admitted he made ​​excited at the end of the game. He is also said to have left the stands early due to fear if Dortmund do not qualify.

"This is the first time in my life I haris stopped because I was afraid my heart can not stand it," said Watzke was quoted on the official UEFA website.

Secret Mysteries Soekarno Gold Bars

Perhaps not many know that there is an agreement made all important first President of Indonesia Ir Soekarno and the 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is said that the shooting of John F Kennedy in November 1963 which makes it tragically died due to sign the agreement.

'It is said also the overthrow of Ir Soekarno presidency mandatory U.S. intelligence network sponsored conspiracy Jewish (Zionist) who do not want the U.S. bankrupt and destroyed because they must abide by the agreement also not willing to see the RI became stronger economically in addition to natural resources, capital growing economic strength to support RI. other than that there are some other goals that must be carried out in accordance International Zionist agenda. I try to write the following search results in 1994 s / d in 1998, continued in 2006 s / d 2010, plus information from several sources. But please bear in mind, let's just say this is not a mere insight enhancer '.

The treaty commonly referred to as one of the 'Fund Revolution', or 'Treasure Amanah Indonesian nation', or even 'Endowment Fund of Mankind'. Since the time of President Soeharto to President Megawati quite keen to trace the whereabouts in an effort to dilute it.

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Geneva Agreement is made and signed on 21 November 1963 at Hotel Hilton Geneva by U.S. President John F Kennedy (a few days before he was killed) and Ir President Sukarno with the Swiss state witness William Vouker figures. This agreement follows the MoU between Indonesia and the United States three years earlier. Important point that agreement; U.S. government (as the first) recognizes the existence of 50 percent pure gold bullion owned by RI, as many as 57 150 tons in packaging 17 gold package and the government of Indonesia (as part II) received the gold bullion in the form of collateral usage dollar rent designated U.S. financial development.

In another important point in the agreement document, contained a clause that includes breakdown; upon the use of collateral the U.S. government must pay a fee of 2.5 percent per year as rent to Indonesia, maturing into force since 21 November 1965 (two years after the agreement) . Special accounts will be made to accommodate the asset disbursement fee. That is, although the points in the agreement without including the reversion clause, but there is recognition of the status of items that are koloteral the lease (leasing). Fee specified in the agreement of 2.5 percent per year for anyone or any country for that use.

Cost of lease payments is 2.5 percent collateral paid to a special account in the name of The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) which funds may only be carried out by the Bung Karno himself the blessing of the Vatican Pope. Being the implementation of the operations carried Swiss Government through the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The agreement is effective within the next two years since the signing of the agreement, on 21 November 1965.

But those who reject the policy of John F. Kennedy signed the treaty, especially the handful of Zionist groups were very influential in the U.S. was determined to destroy the lives and political careers of at least two heads of state signing the agreement before entering mature on 21 November 2965 with the objective of capturing The HEF account the significant financial control of the world banking .

The first target, 'completed' as the first party payer, which makes super-powerful conspiracy ending shot dead by U.S. President JF Kennedy and succeed. Dead one person signing the agreement, still another as a target for a second, namely Ir Soekarno. International Zionist stooge group that opposed the deal since the beginning of the agreement and incite lobbying the CIA and State Department to infiltrate the army which eventually culminated in the events of the G-30 followed by 'detention' Sukarno 'by the Suharto regime. Apesnya again, Sukarno never got around to mandating the use of collateral disbursement fee to anyone that the U.S. too!! Until he was four years later real late in the status of political prisoners.

While the near Bung Karno and his followers imprisoned without trial by the G-30 involved allegations by the Suharto regime. They were forced to reveal the perjanian process and how to get the ancestral property outside the country. But this vile business is never successful.
Matters Agreement

Piece important sentence in the agreement => "Considering this statement, which was written in Novemver andsigned, 21th in 1963 while the new certificate was valid in 1965 all the ownership, then the following total volumes were justobtained." Agreement in black and white-headed Garuda symbol inked letters of gold on the top and stamped 'The President of the United State of America' and 'Switzerland of Suisse'.

To the U.S. alone, The Green Hilton Agreement Agreement is an agreement dumbest U.S. government. Because of the agreement, the U.S. recognizes the gold assets of Indonesia. The history of 350 years began when the Dutch controlled most of Javanese and Indonesian. When the kings and nobles, especially the pro or 'subject' to the Dutch prefer to keep their wealth in gold bullion in the form of a central bank in the Royal Netherlands East Indies, The Javache Bank (forerunner of Bank Indonesia). But secretly Javasche bankers The Bank (on the instructions of his government) bring the entire gold bullion owned by the client (the kings and nobles of the archipelago) to the country in the Netherlands there on the pretext of security will be maintained if kept in the center of the kingdom of the Netherlands as the customer question it after a day later caught.

Various monetary authorities and the Monetarist, assessing the agreement as a foundation of economic collateral banking world until now. There is a special view of economists, the U.S. can be a rich country because of guaranteed wealth 'Indonesian people', ie 57 150 tons of pure gold owned by the king in this archipelago. This gave rise to the view that the opinion of the United States does owe a lot to Indonesia, because the property was not the U.S. government has not had a country and Indonesia, but the treasure of kings of Indonesia.

Time goes by, and then erupted World War II in the European Theater, where at that time the kingdom of Netherlands Nazi German troops annexed. Military Hitler and his Nazi SS troops bring the whole assets of the Netherlands to Germany. Unfortunately, all the treasures of the king's mistress in the archipelago that are stored in the central bank brought to the Netherlands join Germany.

European Theater of World War II ended with Germany's defeat at the hands of US-led Allied forces. By U.S. forces loot all of Adolf Hitler's Nazi SS all transported to the U.S. mainland, with no possessions except the kings and nobles in the archipelago were previously stored at the Dutch central bank. So with the capital assets, re-establish America The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are almost bankrupt because of the impact of World War II, by the 'government' The FED is targeted to spearhead the U.S. capitalist system in the control of the world economy.

Later news 'looting' of gold bullion by U.S. forces to rebuild the capital of the U.S. economy that had collapsed during World War II was heard also by Ir Soekarno as the first President of Indonesia who immediately responded by diplomatic secret pathway to gain back the treasure by sending Dr Subandrio , Chaerul pious and Joseph Young in the back even though the chances of getting the right as the property owner is very small. The U.S. and some Allied countries while it has always been argued that World War in the category of Force Majeur, which means there is no repayment obligations of such property by the victors.

But with the power of diplomacy Bung Karno finally convinced the U.S. and Europe when assets are acquired Allied wealth comes from Indonesia and the Indonesian people belong. Bung Karno thrusting facts which ensures the heirs of customers The Bank Javache as the property owner is still alive!!

Well, one of the clauses in the agreement are The Green Hilton Agreement was split half half (50% & 50%) between the RI and the US-allied with 'recent bonus' free satellite Palapa shared by the U.S. to RI. That is, 50 per cent (52 150 tonnes of pure gold) used as collateral to build the U.S. economy and some European countries that recently devastated beaten Nazi Germany, were 50 percent longer be used as collateral for anyone and allow any country to use the property on a lease ( leasing) for 41 years with a rental fee of 2.5 percent per year payable to RI via Ir.Soekarno. Why only 2.5 percent? Because Bun Karno want to apply the rules of zakat in Islam.

Payment of the rental fee of 2.5 percent was owed to a special account a / n The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) with instrumentnya are institutions the world financial authorities (IMF, World Bank, The FED and The International Bank of Sattlement / BIS ). If calculated since 21 November 1965, the rent payment due to be paid to the Republic of Indonesia on 21 November 2006. How much? 102.5 percent of the principal amount of the number of 57 150 tons of pure gold pure gold ton + 1428.75 = 58578.75 tonnes of pure gold that must be paid out of the funds of collateral owned by the user of the Indonesian people.

In fact, starting on 21 November 2010, the funds are deposited in The Heritage Foundation (The HEF) is not counted value. If the rental cost of 2.5 per year determined the total number of 57 150 tons of gold bullion, then for 45 years X 2.5 percent = 112.5 percent or more of the principal amount was 57 150 tons of gold, which is 64293.75 tonnes of pure gold to be paid U.S. government to RI. If the price of 1 troy once of gold (31.105 grams gold) is currently around 1,500 U.S. dollars, the value of gold as collateral rent it?? Calculate ONLY!!

The account of the existence of HEF, no world financial authority of any agency that can access these special accounts, including tax agencies. Because the very existence secret. Hence, in addition to countries in Europe and the U.S. that utilize the HEF's account, as well as many world-class tycoon 'economic criminals' classroom whales and sharks who left his fortune to the special account to avoid taxes.

Recorded the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Adnan Kasogi, King of Jordan, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Morocco is a noble Turko including people who entrusts his fortune on the special account.

'Ole George Soros assisted the CIA attempted to break into the special account. In fact, according to a reliable source, at the end of 2008, George Soros had sponsored a small army comprised of CIA and MOSSAD conduct undercover investigations to get around on the island of Java in order to get a user account and PIN The HEF is'.

In addition, George Soros aided secret service CIA had tried to break into the special account, but failed. Even the end of 2008, George Soros had sponsored a small army of CIA agents and MOSSAD (Israeli secret service) conduct undercover investigations to get around on the island of Java in order to get a user account and PIN The HEF is included to find out who is mandated Ir Soekarno to account special. Though Ir Soekarno or Bung Karno never give mandate to anyone. means the owner of a single property of the Indonesian people, the Bung Karno himself. Until now!!
International Banking Criminals Make When There's Major Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, CUSIP number (register number the World Bank) the collateral is leaking. Well, CUSIP is then utilized among the world's top bankers are white collar criminals (white collar crime) to issue securities on behalf of the people of Indonesia. Anyway, whoever he is, that person can be made Indonesia Indonesia berpassport securities from UBS, HSBC and other major world banks. Usually consists of 12 pieces, some of which are shaped Proof of Funds, SBLC, Bank Guaranted, and others. Its value was fantastic, above average 500 million U.S. dollars to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

When a document is checked, then the banks will check the habit CUSIP Number. If it goes off, then the document may undergo further processing. Usually banks will provide special officer for the bank's securities Window Time format for just talking among bank chief if the document will be transacted. Appropriate banking procedures, these types of documents can only be guaranteed or made rooling program or a private placement transaction that tempo time up to 10 months with the High Yield between 100 percent s / d 600 percent per year.

Well, that big money can be disbursed only for humanitarian projects. Hence, when the tsunami disaster in Aceh and the earthquake in Yogyakarta, then document this type of fly universal feast bank. Jerk, every Indonesian who is named in the document, still live in poverty blangsak until now. Because it is only a game shark bandit bankers are able to outsmart a way to unfreeze the assets contained in the special account.

On the other hand, they also managed to cheat the bankers form an opinion, where as 'the stress', ter or rather subtle 'obsessed' being asked if there is someone who claims to have a lot of assets, billions of dollars from the Fund or Treasure Amanah Revolution Indonesian nation. This formed the opinion that double-edged sword, one side benefit for the existence of an existing property in the special account not terotak-tweaking, but the other side of the bandit bankers can exploit for personal gain and his accomplice when there is a major natural disaster in the world, such as the Tsunami disaster in Japan recently. But the most dangerous, there is no defense of the people, the country and the Indonesian government when the property is actually there and must be fought to the prosperity of the Indonesian people.

Relation to Piningit Satria, Satria Pinandito Sinisihan Revelation, Ratu Adil

Writers had the sense, when Satria Piningit already perform his function as the leader of a Satria Pinandito Sinisihan Revelation (SPSW) because of sheer love for the Lord GOD. The fear of the Lord with His love with all his heart into his early every step in carrying out the task of bringing the people of the archipelago and humanity toward welfare and prosperity of the essentials. When all of mankind in general and in particular the people of the archipelago are getting welfare and prosperity of the essentials, then he gets the title Messiah.

We also believe, the SPSW are able to regain the people's eternal treasures Nusantara, how was the process. Because leadership is direct guidance owner Lord of Hosts. All property will be handed over to the state that led to run for the welfare and prosperity of all the true owner, the archipelago nation this!!

Know the History of Pirates in Southeast Asia

We must think when they hear the word 'pirate' is a criminal. Do we know how to pirate it appears on the surface and to terrorize the ocean current in the world ocean. Below we will know the history of pirates in Southeast Asia.

Brilliant findings, among others revealed by a new book that uses an ethnographic approach to analyzing the historical past of Southeast Asia. People who are not taken into account that, according to the authors, including the small farmers, urban laborers, pirate / sea gypsies.

In traditional historiography of Southeast Asia, pirate or pirates, prostitutes, rickshaw repairman and others as a small group of people classified as an underclass and presented as the people without history. In fact, they are an important element that affects change in the cultural landscape and history of Southeast Asia.

Inspired predecessor, Prof John Smail, who advocated an autonomous historical writing with a parallel perspective (case 4), the writer tries to write the history of Southeast Asia alongside frantic bingarnya history of Western imperialism, as much as possible through the use of data sources and local history neglected over the years.

Historical approach as it clearly produces alternative historical reconstruction of several communities in the region, the history of those who have been marginalized.

Enterprises author clearly has added a row of other historians who tried (and succeeded) in reviving the voices of marginalized groups to emerge strongly resonates in the history of historiography. By using archaeological findings, oral traditions, and for enriching the visual material written sources, Jean Taylor, in Indonesia: Peoples and Histories (2003), for example, managed to reconstruct a more pluralistic Indonesian history, lifting the small community and the topics to be taken lightly demonstrate their strong contribution to the processes of creation of modern Indonesia.

Not unlike Taylor, Ruth Balint in Troubled Waters: Borders, Boundaries, Possession in the Timor Sea (2005) also succeeded in lifting dynamics civilization living, growing and disappearing in the waters south of Indonesia area, ie the area between the Timor Sea and the northern coast of Australia. The story of fishermen and indigenous Aboriginal Timor there can be sticking out thanks to the use of the concept of rejection Balint modern geography partition 20th century Southeast Asia as a barrier to the continent of Australia.

Like Balint, in this book Warren doing more or less the same approach: adopting the concept of territorial Southeast Asia are completely different than the previous social historians. Extensive use of archival material once it has been helping in the preparation of the historical narrative story.

However, anthropological research is supported by the widest source of oral tradition, photographs, and paintings have proved that the geographical distribution and reconstruction of the history of the West has not always able to demonstrate a history of typical communities in this region are real.

Many new things

The topics covered in this book Warren is almost never touched before historians. Gave rise to the story of slavery that happened to Bajau tribe (the sea) in the context of the Sultanate of Sulu and the story of the rickshaw and the prostitution industry are poor and starving in Singapore's colonial history has featured a medley ranks of topics in this area, which refers to the theory that social history and culture of the region is actually an evolutionary proceeds from bottom to top.

In addition to closely interconnected economically and politically, the processes that occur in the community have donated the face of modern Southeast Asia known now. They played a formative role in transforming this area of ​​economic, social and cultural rights, the strong historical roots communities in Southeast Asia.

When we understand the concept of territoriality Southeast Asia in perspective like that, the disappointment that comes from not finding specific essay about Indonesia (as the initial impression) to be dashed against the book and not unfounded. That is, the historical dynamics of social groups revealed is already covering Indonesia, although politically they are now partitioned the territory of modern Southeast Asia in the context of the modern state of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Featuring 16 essays history has ever appeared in various scientific journals, this book can be divided into three major research themes of Southeast Asian history. The first theme is an emerging research on the history and development of the maritime world in the latter half of the 18th century until the early 19th century, in the zone in the waters under the strong supervision of the Sultanate of Sulu.

Warren was able to show that the power control and mastery of the Sultanate of Sulu was ordained as the most important cardiac trade globalization that time. Thanks seafood commodity trading activities, rampant maritime piracy activity that correlates strongly with the practice of slavery (sales and human exploitation) in the context of the proceeding, evolved and crystallized to leave a distinctive culture, which is now its influence extending far up into the Straits of Malacca in the west.

In this book, the history of the people who had been marginalized in other works, not only successfully lifted into place in the main stage of history, but also at the same time shows the processes are complex and lengthy journey became the forerunner of the formation of inter-Asian trade in modern era. The story of the pirates in the waters of the sea, a group of people and the sea gypsies 18th century until the 19th, featured authors as a way of explanation to see the history of Southeast Asia in relation to aspects of the wider political.

The second topic in this luminous book about the past or the social history of colonial Singapore. Focused on the story of a rickshaw puller who migrated from southern China, the feel of the past history of Singapore is also becoming exposed. Various life stories of migrant sex workers previously untold other historians appointed not only as a solo writer, but once combined in parallel with the story of the rickshaw. As a result, the reconstruction of the fascinating history of the little people who are so rich in nuance as accentuate the theme of suffering, poverty, powerlessness, and exploitation are rarely written in the chronicles of history.

The third theme, the collection of writings that focuses on the close relationship between transnational crime, which include sea piracy and human trafficking (trafficking in persons) after the opening of China's early 21st century in the region of Southeast Asia, is the most relevant discussion mainly to answer questions contemporary quaint region.

Multidisciplinary approach

Recent publications Sally Cameron and Edward Newman, Trafficking in Humans; Social, Cultural and Political Dimensions (2008), shows that in developing countries the phenomenon of human trafficking and organized crime phenomena cause enough to dominate the global crisis on the world's 21st century.

The book also reveals further that the activities of organized crime and global migration patterns are also affecting the Southeast Asian region is still very difficult to handle. One reason is the failure of the discovery of effective strategies for handling our lack of knowledge of the phenomenon.

The process of globalization in the context of maritime piracy in the region of Southeast Asia, where the trafficking problem was entered in it, is an important focus of discussion at the end of this book (p. 309-331). The author provides a sharp analysis of answers to questions about the dynamics of the root of the problem.

By linking the phenomenon to the activity of a few centuries ago, including maritime crime and trafficking in human beings, it was concluded that the phenomenon of maritime piracy and maritime crime in the modern era of South East Asian waters is not a new phenomenon. In essence, it provides a historical imagination that happened in the era of 1968-2000 in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines have a strong correlation with the impact of the economic boom in Southeast Asia that occurred nearly three centuries ago, the era from 1768 to 1800.

Clearly, this work became one of the few works that have opened up new possibilities for writing the history of communities in Southeast Asia conducted through a multidisciplinary approach that richly detailed, imaginative, and profound.

Those who are doing studies of Southeast Asia, its main aspects of maritime observers, need to consider this book seriously. Stories about how small communities in Southeast Asia who are appointed Warren has opened up new horizons for further elucidation of a new, more critical understanding in this area studies.
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