Songwriter Batak tribe in the country with Indonesia

If you see Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra Indonesia with the country is the biggest tribe "Batak". you must like it very much in terms of history and hospitality of the locals hospitality.

But do you know the creator of the national song One Nation or One Nusa Youth Build Young women or country Indonesia? maybe we've heard it at a time when the school but did not pay much attention to who the creator of the song ... let's get to know the creators of the songs below, they are Bangso Batak .. ya .. Anak ni king i ...

1. Liberty Manik
Liberty Manik (1924-1993)

Liberty Manik that we always know with L. Manik was born 1924 in Sidikalang, North Sumatra.

He is a Doctor of Music from Germany, he who could do anything, such as violinist, singer, RRI Yogyakarta radio broadcaster, author, magazine journalist, and the latter as a songwriter One Nusa One Nation. This song was created by Manik after he saw his own spirit of the people's struggle to defend the independence of Indonesia.

One Nusa One Nation was first played on radio in 1947, when the first Dutch aggression. He finally got the gift of Paramadharma Culture in 2007. And he died in 1993, in the age of 69 years.

2. Cornel Simanjuntak
Cornel Simanjuntak (1921-1946)

Do you know the song, titled Fearless Forward? The song was apparently made by Cornel Simanjutak. Previously, this song originally titled Maju Putra-Putri Indonesia.

Cornel Simanjuntak born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra in 1921 came from a retired police had been a teacher in Manila and Jakarta and then moved to the office of the Japanese culture.

When the revolution in 1945, it changed its title song and also his verse to better hear a burning passion. It turns out the song Fearless Forward this failed to spark psychology Front Army fighters Student Yogyakarta. Lyrics in it is very fitting to the conditions at the time, where there is a resistance that is done with sophisticated tools.

He died in 1946 aged 25 years due to chronic disease tuberculosis. Time joined the battle against the Dutch in Cameron Highlands, Jakarta.

3. Pasaribu Amir (Amir Hamzah Pasaribu)
Amir Pasaribu (1915-2010)

Andika Bhayangkari song created by A.H. Pasaribu who was born on May 21, 1915 at Siborong-borong Tapanuli north.

After independence in 1954-1957 he served as director of the School of Music of Indonesia (SMINDO) Yogyakarta and in 1957-1968 he was appointed Head of B1-course majoring in Sound Art, Institute of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education danKebudayaan which later increased to Teachers' Training College-UI (Institute of Teaching and Science Education University of Indonesia - is now the State University of Jakarta, Rawangun, Jakarta.

Amir Pasaribu Parama Dharma Cultural Stars awarded in 2002 by President Megawati Sukarnoputri. And he passed away at the age of 94 years in Medan, North Sumatra on 10 February 2010.

4. Alfred Simanjuntak (93 years)
Alfred Simanjuntak

National anthem Youth Build Young women (aged 23 years old when he invented it) and Indonesia Unite was created by DR. Simanjuntak Alfred was born on 8 September 1920 in northern Tapanuli, educated at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Leidse Universiteit, Leiden, Stedelijke Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1954-1962 school year angina windmill this country for 6 years.

He is the founder of the Church Music (1967) and has experience as a teacher and also served in communications / publishing.

He is also friends with Liberty Manik (who created the song One Nusa One Nation) and Cornelis Simanjuntak (who created the song On Heroes) sehinggal hallmark songs they created together.

He has now become ompung (grandfather) of 11 grandchildren who were born of four children, namely Aida, Toga, Dorothea, and John. Now living in Jakarta and daily activities still continue in the field of music.

5. Notier Simanungkalit (nicknamed "Mr. Choir")
Notier Simanungkalit (1929-2012)

Debris national song and SKJ (Physical Freshness Gymnastics) Gymnastics Morning Indonesia in 1984, was created by Notier Simanungkalit born on December 17, 1929 in the city Tarutung, northern Sumatra, finish school at the University of Gajah Mada Faculty of pedagogy. He studied music by himself.

He is one of the world's 11 musicians appointed to the Board of Voter IMC (Selection Committee) International Student Choir Festival in New York in 1972 and invited to lunch by President USA Mr.. Richard Nixon and First Lady at the White House Washington DC.

He Died March 9th 2012 aged 82 years.

6. Sanusi Pane
Sanusi Pane (1905-1968)

Fatherland national song created by Sanusi Pane was born on 14 November 1905 in Muara Sipongi, Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. He is a New Poet Laureate Indonesian forces who published many of his works between 1920 to the 1940s.

He died in Jakarta, January 2, 1968 at the age of 62 years.

7. Binsar Sitompul

Song lyriknya national unity created by Binsar Sitompul (1923-1991) and his verse with A. Talib, binsar Sitompul learn violin and music theory at the time of the Japanese.

Memories DR. Alfred Simanjuntak tells the story of his friendship with the three great composers: Cornelis Simanjuntak, Liberty Manik, and Binsar Sitompul.

Knit friendship when Alfred came four Catholic schools in Muntilan, to take the exam. "Cornelis school there," said Alfred.

Since the initial meeting with Cornelis, Alfred immediately admired. Therefore, the friend has a very nice voice. "Sounds great Cornel. High tenor, but without a microphone, really like Italian tenor, "said Alfred in Tempo, 17 November 2002, titled Hayat During Conception Agency.

Although the four still in junior high school, they are taught piece orchestra, Handel's Messiah. Under the direction of R. Sudjasmin, later became the conductor of the Palace, they played Mozart, Verdi, and Beethoven.

8. E.L. Pohan (Epaphroditus Laurentius Pohan-Siahaan)

Homeland national anthem Indonesia and Indonesian Civil Servants Corps Mars (KORPRI) created by EL Pohan.


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