MacBook Pro is a Windows Laptop with Best Performance

Windows laptops have Best performance? According to Soluto, a PC repair service company, the title worth pinned to the MacBook Pro 13-inch Apple.

MacBook Pro in question was manufactured in mid 2012. Laptops that are not designed for the Windows operating system outperforms a number of successful tesebut other Windows laptops sold in the market.

Way of testing is to count the number of crashes, hangs, blue screen, and the average time of booting from a laptop. Most laptops rarely have the condition, and has the lowest boot time, was asked to become the best performing laptops, according to Soluto.

Why did the MacBook Pro can win? Because, according to Soluto, the Apple laptop running the Windows operating system which is free of bloatware, while the other Windows laptops have some bloatware from each vendor, which according to the results of this study can decrease the performance of the laptop.

Of course, the benefits of 13-inch MacBook Pro is not without blemish, because installing Microsoft's operating system into the Apple brand laptop needs more time. Also the problem of drivers who are less able to optimize the laptop.


Alastair Alex

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