7 Damage to Earth's Most terrible in the World

what should we do, if many are harmed?7. MINING PERMATA Ekati, CANADA

which is another giant crater earth section Canada, mining Ekati gem located north section of the American continent which is The first commercial gem mining, first opened in 1998, as jewel fever effect until further excavation and no doubt digenjot dug like no end. Actually just a stone throw from gem mining Diavic about 20 km away to the direction of more close to the Arctic circle - because very chill to the another Pinguin say backpacking place therein.

Closed glaze: Ekati mines are freezing in winter temperatures


Open in 1973, this is the Grasberg mining gold mining the world's largest and third largest copper producer in the world. As we have seen above is quite an eyesore and environmental balance there, employing 19 500 employees, with the majority of shares owned enterprises based in the U.S.. But still doubtful
licensing problem let alone the people by the Indonesian government, been attacked by OPM or independent PAPUA movement in 1977.

Photo outer space that we can: Astronaut sent by a sky above the Grasberg mining Today, it looks increasingly steep as circular band usually mining and trucks traveled in and out of the community there. On in 2006, has more than 610 800 tons spue copper and 58 tons gold, with excavation simple enough to damage the ecosystem and there are a variety of natural inequality around there, contamination of water and land mines still longsornya attention there, and still debated but stiff enough regular excavations held to date.

5. MINING Chuquicamata, Chile

Chuquicamata that is Chile is a giant-sized mine pit which is still in turmoil and has made a total of 29 million tons copper. Even though it has been excavated for more than 100 years intensive enough exploration, this hole can still referred to as largest copper producer ever, and the largest hole there are over 43 kilometers, with a width of about 3 km and depths greater than 850 meters.

The scenery is quite beautiful but strange: Chuquicamata mining pits visible from the surface of the air above it Copper mining was done at Chuquicamata mines for centuries ever, was shown on a 1898 discovery in the a detached Mumy 550 AD was found stuck in the an old mining tunnel by a foundation named Cave-ins. The entry of large mining sucked like fever magnetic field red gold mining began after the end of the war Pacific, at the time it could be colored many miners camp, free arrangement known as alcoholic beverages, gambling, prostitution rife enough even murder.

4. MINING Escondida, Chile

is owned by a mining company called The Minera Escondida Mining Co.. Walking alongside the opening of the mining excavation twins making the latter as the capital of the world's largest copper. Built beginning of 1990, and took over the dominance of mining copper mining as the annual largest copper producer in the world, in 2007 alone has produced 1.48 million tons and produces gain more than $ 10.12 billion U.S. dollars - all of in the form of U.S. dollars that are very many.

Escondida mining pits visible from the sky: Looks at the bottom of the picture Environmental impact or side effects, Mining Escodida has become a key economic driver Chilean society by employing around 2951 people directly. An assault that occurred on in 2006 which caused the workers begin to feel the division profit they receive is not comparable with the profit very high from the sale of copper continues melambung. After intense debate about the payment of such claims, union blockade direct employees short road to mining.


Like the Sarlacc excavation located on Steroids, mining Udachnaya which are in Russia is a mineral mining monster-sized open - pit mining as a jewel more than 600 meters deep which pierce the earth's crust. as you see a hole large enough and deep. Located at a Russian state located in the Sakha Republic very sparse population, located outside circle Artic north poles or ocean. These rock mining pits jewel with a pretty expensive price is always digenjot production to meet market demand and financial greed their owners.

looks a depth: Udachnanyay mining pits visible from the south side After the discovery of the jewels in place of the content that was eventually named  Udachnanyay, was found in 1955 just one day after Mirny mining inauguration (coverage below). Pipe Udachnaya mines operated by Alrosa, a firm Russia biggest gems. The fare will be operational stopped supports open and underground mining in 2010, sounds a bit unpleasant.


Being in a city known for its Siberian named Mir Diamond Mine are present in Numero holie pembangian cake. Is open pit diamond mine in the world's largest, well-known also with the name of the Russian monster has a surface diameter holes 1.2 miles and kedlaman 525 meters. Buat yg msh pada large hole to make the current wind as if sucked into it menumbulkan downdraft effect which can could give rise to a helicopter and then sucked into the hole pile-up. A very well-known as a no-fly zone around this hole

Swirl earth: Hole Mir looks as if could suck home and helicopter After the discovery of 1955, workers at the Mir had to overcome cold enough temperatures and conditions are very hard and frozen and other matters that could destroy dimusim cold tires and metal. Operasionalnya time and stopped in 2001, has produce 10 million carats (2 tonnes) pertahun jewel at its peak, at least that's what our survey tercatap from sources: ka-bling. the good news has been planned for reclaiming the hole with encapsulation of a building.


So this is what they call as he carbuncle supremo, a Bingham Canyon mining in a national American diversity named Utah. which is the world's largest mining pit man-made. Shaped hole 4 mile wide monster and perus circumference drops 1.2 kilometers deep into the ground. Diextraksi beginning in 1863. The recorded revenue mining more than 17 million tons of copper and 715 tons of gold-a mental load of metal mining still a terbesart: Bingham Canyon Mine mining strip lying surface at the beginning of the 1900s mining camps lined align along the canyon walls are quite steep, but some of they should be eliminated due to mining development. at the time memperkerjakan now has 1400 employees and produces 50000 tons of material to be removed every day. What else?, Hole giant earth cuts and national historical landmark continues to grow-and will continue at least until 2013


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